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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brody's Pick

This post has nothing to do with clean eating as my previous post was about. I have been incorporating better choices into my day by keeping fresh fruits and veggies on hand, but this time spent in the kitchen was all about FUN! One of Brody's most favorite things to play with are balloons. Really, so simple, yet blown up balloons creates hours of play for him. So I found an idea on Pinterest that incorporated balloons in the kitchen. We took a few of the balloons and blew them up smaller than the ones we usually play with, and washed them up and set them out to dry.  Next, I took a pan and lined it with wax paper. I took some chocolate almond bark and microwaved it in a glass bowl. I did it in 30 second intervals until it was smooth.  Make sure the balloons are completely dry and start dipping! Brody, or should I call him Spiderman today, loved this part. Hold them by the tied end and dip the rounded part.  The ones that we dipped several times held up better than the ones that were only dipped once or twice.  Put them on the wax paper and refrigerate. I had some fresh strawberries in the fridge so I decided to dip some of them as well :) After the chocolate has had time to harden in the refrigerator, take the pan out.  The instrustions were to pop the balloon and peel it out of the chocolate bowl, but I found that instead of popping, if you squeezed the balloon it pulled it away from the bowl a lot easier than peeling. Last of all, we filled the chocolate bowls with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. This was fun and delicious! If you decide to try this, I suggest spraying the balloons. I think they would have been easier to remove from the bowls. I think next time we are going to do white chocolate bowls with strawberry ice cream! Yum! Hope you'll give it a try and let me know how yours turns out!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm baaacckk!!

It has been quite a bit since my last entry. I did not mean to take so long of break, but training for a marathon on top of wife/mommy/work does push things to back burner. :) I have actually tried cooking a few new recipes, but did not have time to do a write up. 
As we entered in to the fall season last year, I decided we needed chili. I had never cooked chili. Surprise!! So I did the easiest thing the McCormick's chili seasoning pack. It had the simplest recipe on it, and looked fool proof! I must be an above average fool because I fouled it up Kitchen Wrecker style! Everything looked and smelled wonderful, but the beans were hard as bricks. I kept cooking and stirring, thinking eventually they would soften and we could eat.  Yeah, so the chili scorched and the beans stayed hard. Lewis had the nerve to look at the bag of beans and point out that in SMALL PRINT ON THE BOTTOM OF THE BAG were instructions to soak the beans for like a whole day before use?!?! Anyway, next time I just bought beans in a can and everything turned out great!
I also tried a new chicken crock pot, and ended up throwing the whole pot away. It was just awful and I can't even remember the ingredients??? So fast forward to today. The marathon is over with four half marathons behind me as well. Will I ever do another full? Absolutley! Just not anytime soon:) I need to forget this one first! Along with running, diet has started playing a huge factor in my daily routine. I have been researching and digging through Pinterest and reading blogs to get more info on all this "clean eating."  There is a ton of info and different opinions on what is true clean eating. My thoughts is anything with less than 5 ingredients. I really want to incorporate this, and went grocery shopping with my "clean" list for the first time today. I do not think I will ever truly be clean due to the fact that I REALLY LIKE DIET DR. PEPPERS, and sodas are a no-no!  Of course, I loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies, frozen fruits, nonfat greek yogurt, organic milk and cheese, whole wheat pastas and flour, etc. You don't realize how processed everything is until you start looking for foods that aren't. We are starting in to this slow because it will be a life change, and we have terrible eating habits:( First thing this morning, instead of sweetening my coffee with Splenda, I used honey. It was ok, definately do-able. I also found a recipe for chocolate-chip muffins. Here's how it went:

2 c. wheat flour
1/2 c. honey
1/2 tsp. baking powder
3 eggs
1/4 c. melted butter
1/2 c. chocolate chips

1. Mix butter, eggs and honey together.
2. Mix together flour, baking powder, and chocolate chips.
3. Add liquid to dry ingredients.
4. Spoon into muffin tin and bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes.
5. Add some organic milk and ta-da!!

They were actually pretty good. I think next time that the flour needs to be cut back. You could tell that they were different, which I expected. It's something that I think you have to get used to. I read where you could also make these with almond flour??? Newton Wal-Mart did not have that. Brody did not like them, but it actually felt good to eat something not processed. My usual muffins come from the Martha White packs(which are soooo good). There is a clean recipe for chocolate chip muffins that uses applesauce and yogurt. If anyone has that one, I would love to try it so send it my way. Also, any clean eating tips or recipes send my way. I've got one for pancakes that I plan on trying in the morning. We will see how it goes!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Rose Bakes Neopolitan Cake

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. Brody has been overwhelmed with excitement about starting school. I have felt nervousness about him starting something new, sadness at the realization of how quickly his childhood is passing, and happiness because of his happiness. Brody is such an outgoing kid & is having a blast. Today, around a quiet, still house, I decided to bake. Earlier this week, I saw a recipe for Neopolitan cake on It looked wonderful, but I'm such an amateur that I was a little intimidated. I had to substitute a couple things because I couldn't find the exact ingredient called for. Mainly, the strawberry pudding. Also, I didn't have enough powdered sugar so my icing ended up runny. I'm okay with that because it tastes awesome. As I sit here eating this deliciousness, with a tall glass of milk and watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory, my feelings are getting better. Cake makes everybody happy(along with Sheldon's insanity). Now, Brody will have a special treat when he gets home. Bazzinga! Thank you Rose for the great recipe!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Calling all Harry Potter fans!!

What a wonderful week! Being off, I have cleaned, exercised, school shopped for Brody, played board games & watched movies(Harry Potter being one of them!) I always wished that I could have a glass of butter beer like the kids do. I imagine it being the best drink ever, like a buttery cream soda. For those who do not watch
Harry Potter, it doesn't contain beer. So there are recipes for butter beer, but I didn't have the correct ingredients. I refuse to put makeup on today. Plan B. Butter beer cupcakes! I had to improvise on the ingredients. It called for buttermilk, I googled a substitute. Milk & lemon juice. Who knew? Also, I had no cream soda. Lewis gave me the idea of just using one of my sodas. Probably would have turned out sweeter with the cream soda. This recipe is a lot more complex. I only did the cupcakes. It shows how to make butterscotch filling & ganache. Also, for home made icing. I had some butter cream Betty Crocker. We just stuck with cupcakes & Betty Crocker today. The next time I make these, I will try the whole thing. They are delicious. The cupcakes are more buttery than sweet & that mixed with the frosting is heavenly. I tried to get Brody to pretend to be Harry & I was Hermione as we ate, but he refused to be anything but Woody. I enjoy speaking with an English accent, so I think I will continue without him.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Terri's Birthday Dessert!

For everyone's birthday at work, we get to pick a dessert. For the 4 years and 5 months that I have worked there, I have never brought dessert. (For obvious reasons!) With my recent experience for the blog, I felt somewhat confident in volunteering for one. Ok. I had no confidence. Just thought it was time I did a dessert for the office. So Mrs. Terri picked this dessert from Pinterest. Strawberry Cream Pie. I had to buy a pie dish so I opted for Fiesta. The bright blue looks really pretty against the red strawberries! It was pretty easy once I got the whipping cream whipped. I played some appropriate music while whipping the cream("Whip It Good!")! Yeah, music always sets the mood. So the pie is stiffening in the fridge. We'll get reviews on taste tomorrow:)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

S'mores Bars Baby

Okay, we are way behind on blogging! So as Brody has been quarantined for a couple of days, I let him pick a recipe. Of course, it included marshmallows. Looking through pinterest, he picked s'mores bars. Lucky for me! This didn't have anything unfamiliar to me. Pretty easy, except I wanted to eat the Hershey bar instead of putting it in the mixture. This is great with a glass of milk! We all give it an A+! I did think that I had broke the mixer. It kinda just bogged down though. Pretty sure I dumped too much stuff in at one time:) A good treat for a rough weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pump up the jam! Pump it up!

So if any of you have little ones, you have probably watched the new cartoon on Nick Jr., Mike the Knight. They love to eat jam tarts on that show. Of course, that's what Brody thought we should make next. Here is our best shot. Every recipe was in metric measurements as this is an English dish. Which also means we talked with an English accent as we made these. I encourage you to read this with an accent as well. It makes for a fun twist. Luckily, most measuring cups have the mL mark on them. I might would have been in trouble. Also, if you ever travel abroad, an electric mixer is referred to as a food processor. I feel my brain growing as we speak. They also make a tart dish. We improvised with cookie cutters and then forming them into a bowl like structure. This recipe came from They are great! Very similar taste to a jellied biscuit. We like them! A little messy to make, but worth the quality time with Brody. Now, we will settle down to watch Mike the Knight with our plate of jam tarts and a spot of tea. Ta-Ta!!